Zero Air

Zero air gas is used as a source of oxygen, air for combustion, respiration, or any process that involves oxidation.

Artificial air is made up of about 20% pure oxygen and about 80% pure nitrogen, which is free of any impurities compared to ordinary air.

Artificial air is used as zero gas in calibration and environmental testing, where sulfur and NO2 levels can affect the measuring equipment. Other uses for synthetic air include medical gas mixtures.

Due to its low impurity level, this mixture is a suitable gas for use in gas chromatography and hydrocarbon analyzers, especially flame ionization detectors, to reduce base line noises and improve detector sensitivity.

Dry air is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the identification of samples of anonymous drugs through gas chromatography (GC).

Artificial air, along with acetylene, is also used in atomic absorption spectroscopy. It is also used as a balancing gas in many calibration gases.

Tehran Farafan Gas is capable of manufacturing and providing dry air gas mixtures in high purities, including 5.0 and 5.5, to increase the validity of customers’ laboratory results and increase the life of laboratory devices and their detectors.