Our Policies:

  • Increasing the level of customer satisfaction in the production and service sector by meeting their needs and related technical requirements, delivering on time and maintaining balance in costs.
  • Increasing the company’s ability to attract foreign participation in the production and distribution of specialty gases.
  • Increasing the company’s ability to provide a reasonable profit in line with the market rate for the shareholders by increasing the target markets.
  • Relying on risk-based thinking in order to increase the quality of products, continuously improving the quality of processes in compliance with relevant requirements, and eliminate or reduce process risks.
  • Improving the level of skill, efficiency and health of human resources through continuous training and increasing employee satisfaction in order to strengthen their spirit of responsibility.
  • Knowledge management based on documenting activities and developing and expanding the use of information technology.
  • 7- Efforts to improve processes and pollutant control in order to meet the requirements of environmental standards and legislative centers.
  • Maintaining and improving the physical, mental and psychological health of employees by complying with legal requirements and occupational health and safety considerations.