Design and Construction of Laboratory Gas Pipelines

Tehran Farafan Gas Company, with its expert executive team, provides calculation, drawing, installation and setting up services of piping and tubing systems for the transfer of pure, ultra-pure gases and gas mixtures from the supply point to the point of use in laboratories and industrial workshops.
These services include:
• Set up the cylinder room.
• Supplying and installation laboratory and industrial gas cylinders.
• Supplying and installation of cylinder regulators, manifold, panel and line regulator, calibration gas regulator and point of use gas regulators.
• Supplying and installation of pressure Control Panels , Automatic Change Over Systems.
• Supplying and installation safety equipment for gas supply lines for flammable and explosive gases (hydrogen, acetylene, hydrogen sulfide, etc.) such as Flashback Arrestor,
Hydrogen Pressure Regulator , Alarm System, etc.
• Providing various types of instruments, tube fittings, gauges, connections, sampling cylinders, etc.