Tehran Farafan Gas Company is a manufacturing and trading company in the field of gas and related equipment. This company is one of the leading suppliers in the field of industrial, laboratory and medical gases in Iran. The experienced production team of this company has the ability to produce a wide variety of gas mixtures in the range of PPM to percentage concentrations, such as standard gas mixtures and calibration, welding, cutting, fire extinguishing, etc.

کارخانه فرافن گاز تهران

Brand mission: production of industrial and laboratory gases and gas mixtures, supply of high purity specialty gases and related equipment.


  • Increasing the production of ultra-pure gases to provide reasonable profits at market rates for shareholders and fair trade.
  • Increasing the quality and efficiency of the organization and raising the scientific level and expertise of the employees
  • Increasing the level of customer satisfaction in the production and service sector.
  • Increasing the company’s capacity for foreign partnerships in the production and distribution of specialty gases
  • Increasing the quality of laboratory products and services and continuously improving their quality in compliance with relevant requirements


Honesty: Honesty is considered as a value in the organization. The organization treats its customers, suppliers and employees with honesty and integrity and ethical business principles.

Employees: Employees are the most valuable capital of the organization. These employees are interested in learning, participate in training, report to their manager regularly. They are responsible and committed to customers. They use creativity and innovation in their work. They are sensitive to safety, health and environment and seek continuous improvement of the organization and improve the productivity of the organization and help the organization to achieve its vision.

Social responsibility: The company is aware of its duties towards employees, society, environment and humanity and acts as a social responsibility towards it.

Long-term view: The company pays attention to stakeholders, customers, suppliers, employees based on the long-term horizon and adopts its behavior accordingly. The company will not forget its values for short term benefits.