As more industrial gas customers begin to take further measures to reduce their carbon footprins, gas giant Linde has announced the launch of its Linde Green range, which will provide carbon conscious customers with liquefied gases that have been produced through a zero-emission process.

The company will produce a range of ‘green’ liquid gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide (CO2) using recycled CO2 or air extracted as a by-product in the production of bioethanol.

Olof Källgren, Sales and Marketing Director Europe North said that this range is intended to help its customers take the next step to achieving their environmental goals.

“Linde Green will also strengthen Linde’s own efforts to achieve the sustainability goals we set for 2028,” he added.

Available with a ‘Guarantee of Origin’, only renewable energy from wind and solar will be used for production and only renewable fuels for transport to customers, according to its regional production and distribution system.

Aiming to reduce its climate footprint caused by greenhouse gases by up to 95%, any remaining emissions the company claim will be compensated through ‘certified afforestation projects’.

Linde also sets out to help customers realise the impact reduction of using Linde Green by offering a full-year report showing how many CO2 emissions have been mitigated using the sustainably sourced gases.

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