Tehran Farafan gas CO

Tehran Farafan gas CO. is one of the leading suppliers of industrial and laboratory gases in Iran. Farafan gas has been supplying high purity gases including Helium, Argon, Nitrogen and … since 1999. In addition, we are proud to produce a variety of industrial and laboratory gas mixtures in the range of ppm and percentage concentrations. Such as test gases, calibration gas mixtures, air pollution gas standards and. Farafan gas is also supplier of gas cylinder bundles, baskets, pressure regulators, cylinder valves and other related equipment. Our gases play a defining role in every sector of industry such as petrochemicals, oil and gas refineries, casting and steel industry, electronics, cement industry, automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, defense industry, aboratories, universities and research institutes. Tehran Farafan Gas technical team has been trained by Air Products co. technical experts and also has one of the well-equipped ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories in Iran

تاریخچه شرکت فرافن گاز


1999: Tehran Farafan Gas Company was established as a commercial company in the field of gas.

2001: Becoming the official representative of Air Products Company for the sale of pure gases, gas mixtures and liquid Helium.

2006: Installation of equipment for making simple gas mixtures (concentration range of percentage and PPM).

2007: Training of the mix production team by the technical experts of Air Products Company.

2009: Becoming the exclusive representative of Vigour Company (Germany) for the sale of regulators.

Equipping the laboratory with GC, O2 and H2O analyzers.

Installation of equipment for non-water jacket testing of seamless gas cylinders

2014: Installation of cryogenic tank and the Argon charging line for the production of Argon with purity of 5 and above.

2015: Manufacturing of gas mixtures in disposable cylinders.

Re-import of liquid helium for the hospitals.

2016: Reached an agreement with Air Liquide for selling Helium gas and liquid Helium.

2017: Becoming the represantative of Air Liquide (France) for selling Helium products, gas mixtures and other high purity gases.

2018: Installation of Corgon gas mixture charging line (CO2 / Ar).

Installation of N2 gas charging line

2019: Installation of our second Argon gas charging line.

Installation of equipment for water jacket testing of seamless gas cylinders

Introduction of our new line of refrigerant gases under the brand name Farafridge.

Target market

Tehran Farafan Gas company supplies gas and its related equipment for:


Oil and gas refineries

Casting and Steel Industries

Electrical and electronic industries

Cement industry

Automotive Industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Defense Industries

Medical and laboratory industries

Universities, research institutes

Research centers

Distribution companies

Farafan Gas Company is one of the country’s best companies in the field of gas mixtures production in the range of ppm and percentage concentrations. We have one of the most equipped laboratories in the country under the ISO 17025 standard framework.

The company’s goals

Increasing gas production with a higher percentage of purity to provide a reasonable profit with regards to market rates for shareholders and fair trade of goods.

Improving the quality and efficiency of the company and raising the scientific and professional level of employees in their field of activity.

Increasing customer satisfaction in production and services

Achieving the title of one of the top three suppliers of specialty gases in the country

Increasing the company’s technology level for attracting foreign collaboration in the production and distribution of specialty gases.

Continuous improvement in the quality of laboratory products and services in accordance with the relevant requirements.