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Biogas opportunities in Africa

With the biogas industry seeing development across the globe, David Sonnenberg, Co-Founder of Uhuru Energy (Uhuru) is looking at the future opportunities for developing large scale biogas industries in Africa, aligned to the continent’s development goals. Uhuru makes sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and develops large scale biomass to energy, specifically its so-called indigo and [...]

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An ecosystem for hydrogen innovation and application

The Arizona-California border, between the four major metro markets of Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego, will soon be home to perhaps one of the most ambitious hydrogen production and utilisation sites in the US, featuring advanced transportation test tracks, a hydrogen research institute, a clean fuel airport, marina access and a [...]

Topsoe advances energy transition with ‘world’s largest’ electrolyser project

In the race to secure a green future for global industry, decarbonisation technology specialist Topsoe is planning to construct what will be the world’s largest and most advanced industrial scale electrolyser production plant. Announced today (May 23rd), the company aims to reduce emissions within Power-to-X and hard-to-abate sectors such as transport, chemicals, steel, and [...]

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A less unpredictable future for helium

With recurring shortages of helium over the past 16 years, 2022 was set to be a year of transition to more plentiful supply with operations having begun at Gazprom’s Amur facility in Eastern Siberia. A fire at the facility in September 2021, followed by an explosion and subsequent fire on 1st January of this year [...]

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Supercomputer simulates carbon capture and storage

As global industry begins to distance itself from fossil fuels and opt for more sustainable alternatives, more emphasis is being placed upon the concept of carbon capture and storage (CCS). CCS involves carbon dioxide (CO2) being captured from industrial sources before it’s injected into deep geological reservoirs – comprising of porous rock – where [...]

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Helium markets now experiencing ‘Helium Shortage 4.0

When helium markets tightened up during the second half of 2021 due primarily to a four month maintenance outage of the US Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) crude helium enrichment unit, the industry consensus was that Gazprom’s Amur project would begin pumping large quantities of helium into the market by the fourth quarter (Q4) [...]

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Linde Green zero carbon liquefied gases range launched by Linde

As more industrial gas customers begin to take further measures to reduce their carbon footprins, gas giant Linde has announced the launch of its Linde Green range, which will provide carbon conscious customers with liquefied gases that have been produced through a zero-emission process. The company will produce a range of ‘green’ liquid gases [...]

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